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Ready-To-Run PRR B-60 Baggage, cars including PRR Keisel trucks and couplers, are now in production and available. The body is constructed of hand molded fiberglass with the appropriate detail. The Keisel truck was used by the Pennsy under many B-60s so it is a "correct" truck for this car. The truck, as supplied, utilizes cast aluminum side frames with a steel bolster, and is fully equalized but unsprung with CNC steel wheels. Trucks can be ordered in either 7 1/4" or 7 1/2" gauge. The car bodies will come supplied with three seats built in to provide flexible seating and also for structural strength. The cars will be painted in Pennsy Tuscan Red and lettered for the PRR, unless specifically ordered to be unpainted. The cars will come with roof ends but no center roof section. The car body is mounted on top of a full length steel underframe with a treated plywood floor and is very weather friendly. Couplers are from Tom Bee with extra long shank assemblies but no draft gear. (Draft gear was removed after initial testing determined that it produced too much slack action in longer trains.)

The car bodies are 94” long and overall length with couplers is 98 ”. They are also stretched in width to 15 7/8” for easier riding. (This is just under 1.6 scale width.)

These are very nice looking cars with rivet, door, and window detail molded in place. Fiberglass construction provides excellent weather resistance, strength, dent resistance, and paint adherence. They will look great rolling down the track in front of the PRR P-70 Coaches, which we hope to have available in the near future. Also, vacuum brakes are being developed for these trucks and we may make them available when they are ready. We may also look into getting formed steel roof sections for those of you who want to make this into an auxiliary car for tools, extra water tank, etc.

Now for the best part! These cars will be available RTR, painted, lettered, trucks and couplers included, for ONLY $2,200.00 each. Freight/shipping not included!

As a customer appreciation incentive, anyone who purchases a B-60 Baggage Car will receive a 10% discount on their next car purchase (either a Baggage or Coach when available). We will also extend this offer for a referral that leads to the sale of a car. So get the word out to your RR contacts.

 The P-70 Coach project will move forward as soon as time and funds permit. Sales of additional Baggage Cars will help speed this process along. Check back here often for updated information!!!!













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